Welcome to my first campaign!

This is definitely a work in progress… bear with me while I get my *%$! together.

For starters:

  • Start at Level 2
  • You start with 3 magic items (two Lvl 2 items and one Lvl 3 item)
  • You have 200 gp to purchase adventuring gear
  • You must know at least one other member in the party
  • No evil characters
  • 4-5 person group (We can have more players since everyone can’t always make it) Once I’ve run a few sessions, I might change this
  • I’d like to know a little about your characters, so I’ll be coming up with a info sheet
  • First game should be the first weekend on March, if all goes as planned (is that enough time?)

Eventually there will be information in the WIKI.... I just haven’t gotten that far yet.

Seekers of Arkantaash

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